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The FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is now live! Please visit Affordable Connectivity Program for more information.

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Storm Landon Update 02/03/2022

8:32AM February 03, 2022

Good Morning!
As of right now SEMO Electric Cooperative only has a few outages. Team SEMO will have an all employee zoom meeting this morning as we all work together to monitor the weather and continue to be prepared to restore outages as quickly and safely as possible. Part of keeping the lights on is keeping our facilities safe for Team SEMO to come to work. A big thank you to all of our crews and employees that worked throughout the night and will work all day. Praying that we all have a calm and peaceful day. As always, we appreciate your patience with us. Stay safe if you have to be out and about. 🙏

Storm Landon Update - 02/02/2022

8:25AM February 03, 2022

Still monitoring and preparing for Landon. We are seeing a few scattered SEMO Electric outages due to galloping lines around the Matthews area.

Storm Landon Update

12:52PM February 02, 2022

SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO fiber are prepared for the weather, and want to ensure you, our members/subscribers, are as well. We have linemen, techs and employees on standby in case of ice accumulation on lines and trees cause outages. As always, our team will continue to monitor.
Please get ready for this weather by preparing your vehicles, ensuring you have adequate food and water (if you are stuck at home) and protect your pipes, plants and pets. Consider reaching out to family members and neighbors who may need help preparing for the wintery weather.
We are in this together.

Game of the Week on GoSEMO Fiber Local 95

3:30PM January 20, 2022

GoSEMO Fiber will be bringing you a "Game of the Week" of a local high school sports. 

Disposing of Old Devices

11:37AM January 18, 2022

It’s that time of year again – out with the old, in with the new. But when it comes to throwing out devices, there are some important things to keep in mind.

5 Ways to Secure Your Personal Online Data

11:04AM January 18, 2022

How to keep your information secure online.

GoSEMO Fiber and KFVS 12 - Military Greetings 2021

3:28PM December 22, 2021

GoSEMO Fiber and SEMO Electric are proud to salute those who serve. Thank you!

Bundle Discount will go away with bills due in Jan 2022.

2:22PM November 03, 2021

Rather than raise monthly costs for Internet, TV and phone services for 2022, the GoSEMO fiber bundle discount will go away with bills due in Jan 2022. We take billing increases seriously so it doesn’t’ make sense to give a discount and raise rates. As our CEO Sean Vanslyke said in October’sRural Missouri, we have held prices the same since we started offering services in February 2018. Now, the best way to move forward is to remove the GoSEMO bundle discount (a $10 or $15 discount if subscribers have two or three services). We plan to leave our internet and telephone prices the same for 2023, but subscribers should expect a TV rate increase in 2023. Why? Because TV network costs are simply crazy as there is no local control and they have a great deal of power over the marketplace. Streaming has become the mainstream option. We don’t like bad news, but we believe transparency is vital as our focus is to make people’s lives better with electricity and broadband services.

Thank you for being part of the GoSEMO Fiber family and for being a loyal subscriber. 

Last Tap Being Spliced for Our Member-Owners

1:40PM November 03, 2021

In March 2017, SEMO Electric Cooperative said “let’s do it!” Let’s make people’s lives better with GoSEMO Fiber. The last tap for our member-owner's build is being completed on November 3, 2021.

Ribbon cutting

6:34PM October 14, 2021

Ribbon cutting with the Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce for the GoSEMO Fiber and SEMO Electric Cooperative remodeled Bloomfield office.

Fiber Outage outside of Chaffee

10:04AM October 11, 2021

A dump truck crashed and broke a pole this morning near Chaffee. Team SEMO is working on restoring fiber services. The pole has to be replaced. It will be a few hours. Prayers for the driver. Thank you.

Miner Outage

1:11PM October 09, 2021

Update 1:55pm- All services should be restored. Please call 877-430-5418 if you are having issues. Thank you

We currently have an outage in our Miner area and crews are working to restore service.  The issue is due to a squirrel chew.

The Best Ways to Stream NFL Games For the 2021-22 Season

1:07PM October 09, 2021

Are you ready for some football? Find out how to stream your favorite NFL games this season.

Where to Stream Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies?

1:00PM October 09, 2021

Check out the link below to find out where to Stream Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies.

Channel Lineup Changes

8:08AM September 23, 2021

ACC NETWORK added for Advanced TV Subscribers


Great news for GoSEMO Fiber subscribers who are sports fans! GoSEMO has added the ACC Network (Channel 315) to our lineup for Advanced level TV customers!


The ACC Network offers approximately 450 live sporting events: including 40 regular-season college football games and 150 men’s and women’s basketball games! In addition, Advanced TV subscribers will also receive 200 plus other college sports competitions and tournament games from across the ACC ALL in glorious HD!


Effective Oct. 31st, GoSEMO Fiber will also be discontinuing ESPN Classic (Channel 309) from the Advanced Level of service due to low viewership. 

Subscriber 7,000! Who be subscriber 8,000?

7:47AM September 21, 2021

Subscriber 7,000!  Who be subscriber 8,000?

> In March 2017, SEMO Electric Cooperative said “let’s do it!” Let’s make people’s lives better with GoSEMO Fiber.
> Why? Because no one else was going to bring fiber broadband to rural southeast Missouri. We understand the need for internet speed and reliability so you can work, learn, shop, play and receive telemedicine from your home, farm or business.
During the past 54 months, we have built a 2,000-mile fiber network for you - our member-owners. GoSEMO is making a difference for you, our communities and the entire area as it’s enabling personal and economic growth.
> We have invested $52 million into the local economy in building and supporting the fiber network. We strive for service excellence in subscriber support. We are focused on serving you. No bull. No special deals. No fine print. No contracts. No data caps. Just fiber-fast internet!
GoSEMO Fiber is connecting its 7,000th subscriber today. Jump on the fiber bandwagon. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Fiber is the future. Make the switch today. Shop at or call 877-430-5418.

Dove Season 2021

7:41AM September 21, 2021

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland electric company is seeing outages due people shooting birds.

 SEMO Electric Cooperative are experiencing these broadband outages because of doves being shot at while on utility lines in southeast Missouri.

 Ten occurrences have happened since the start of September for this particular company.

 Fiber optic cables have been riddled by bullets, causing damages and outages.

 We talked with SEMO Electric Cooperative Fiber Services Manager Loyd Rice who says each incident costs around $10,000 to repair and will interrupt services.

 “The data that does flow, that could be e-911 telephone services, that could be a work from home. This year especially, a student that needs to be home doing homework. Those outages again range from about four to our longest one, about 10 hours,” said Loyd.

 He said these repairs can be costly on crews and customers.

 “It’s actual welding of glass to splice these back together, very time consuming, very costly equipment,” Rice said. “So the nature of your outage for what seems like a real innocent, ‘hey I’m going to shoot the bird off the line’, becomes very costly to the member cooperative.”

 Rice hopes people spread the word about this issue before it causes more interruptions.

 “We really have to start getting the message out because as our service territory continues to grow, what has become a few thousand is going to be an even bigger impact this time next year,” said Loyd.

 The Missouri Department of Conservation says dove season runs until November 29th this year.

Outage is fixed

5:02PM September 04, 2021

All fiber services are restored due to the gunshot outage in our Tilsit, Jackson, Gordonville and Cape area.

Outage due to gunshot

3:26PM September 04, 2021

Unfortunately a large part of the service territory was affected by a fiber outage today due to illegally hunting doves and shooting our fiber mainline.  Our crews continue to make the repairs and splices necessary, but this very costly damage just takes a lot of time as well because of the location of the broken fibers. 

We appreciate your patience and please help spread the word to not shoot at the fiber optic lines. Visit our GoSEMO Fiber Facebook page.

Fiber company leader hopes to bring more fiber-optic internet to rural southeast Missouri

3:17PM August 24, 2021 

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - The effort continues to bring broadband internet service to rural communities in southeast Missouri, and leaders with Go SEMO hope the state’s huge financial commitment to broadband means more resources to make it happen.

Last week Governor Mike Parson announced a $400-million broadband investment to bring connectivity to every corner of the state.

That’s welcome news to Go SEMO Fiber, now in its fourth year of a major project to bring hope of high-speed internet to its customers in six southeast Missouri counties.

“We’ll effectively wrap up our fiber buildout of 2,000 miles in our six county territory this September,” Loyd Rice said.

Loyd Rice is the fiber services manager for GoSEMO Fiber. His crews have spent the last four years bringing high-speed internet to thousands of people across southeast Missouri.

“We’ve effectively built past at least half of Stoddard County, all of Scott County, because its right here in the middle of the territory, all of Mississippi County, some of New Madrid, Cape and Bollinger Counties, that’s the six county territory,” Rice said.

Rice said it costs roughly $30,000 per mile to build out that fiber, so the governor’s multimillion-dollar-commitment to broadband is welcome news.

“Our hope is that some of that money will filter right on down to the broadband level,” Rice said.

“It’s very difficult to do your best in school when you’re focusing on your internet capabilities,” Suzanne Mosier said.

Three Rivers student Suzanne Mosier lives between Kelso and Benton.

“I have had the difficulty of getting enough internet together to my computer and running out of internet in the month to get all my homework done,” Mosier said.

“There has been a COVID grant through Go SEMO where they have most recently ran lines to my house within the last few weeks that has proven to be helpful,” she said.

“We really hope because what we see happen in our service territory, where we’ve already deployed every day, lives are changing, small businesses, work from home and more importantly as we head back to school, school from home,” Rice said.

You can see where they are in the project on

Copyright 2021 KFVS. All rights reserved.

Vanslyke testifies about #RuralBroadband

10:46AM July 22, 2021

SEMO Electric Cooperative and GoSEMO Fiber' CEO Sean Vanslyke testifies about #RuralBroadband before the Missouri House of Representatives Interim Committee on Broadband Development in the State Capitol at Jefferson City as we work to #makepeopleslivesbetter. See article:

Internet Grant Winner

7:13AM July 13, 2021

fter searching for reliable internet for years, Kim Paul has finally found it – with GoSEMO Fiber. Prior to this, Paul has lived in rural areas her entire life, and internet has always been unstable regardless of the service provider.


As a graphic designer working from home, uploading large design files would take days to transfer to her clients. She frequently had to break her files into pieces and send clients multiple pieces rather than the full file. Paul's parents received fiber internet before her, so she would often drive the 15 minutes to their house to download her work files. The drive to their house took longer than the files would take to upload with their high-speed fiber internet.


Paul was lucky enough to have fiber internet available and installed before the pandemic started, receiving service in 2019.


“When stuck at home, whether you run a business or you’re in the middle of a pandemic lockdown, connecting with the outside world is necessary. GoSEMO Fiber continues to keep us up and running without fail,” Paul said.


Between Paul, her husband, and their 10-year old son, fiber internet is necessary for streaming, online learning, work, and more. Paul even has a “she shed” in her backyard where she can escape to stream shows or movies and relax. Her son is able to video-chat with grandparents, do his schoolwork, talk to friends, and play games with no buffering.


“My family can seamlessly stream on seven devices, which is particularly important when schools and offices were closed. I found new opportunities both personally and professionally as my husband watched how-to videos and my son met with friends online after virtual learning. And yes, those late-night ‘Tiger King’ marathons were also essential,” Paul jokingly added.


GoSEMO Fiber service has transformed life in multiple ways. Paul’s monthly internet bill is now a third of what it used to be, and she feels confident that her service is reliable enough to support all of her design work, huge files and all. Even storms don’t phase her; she knows her connection will still be strong. What once was a constant worry in her life is now something that she never has to stress about.

Internet Grant Winner

7:12AM July 13, 2021

As a homeschool teacher and mom of three boys, Kim Bunger knows her family needs to operate efficiently. For the busy lifestyle of the Bunger family, high-speed fiber internet has become a must-have, particularly in light of the pandemic. As members of SEMO electric cooperative for more than 20 years, all six members of the Bunger family – even Kim’s father, who moved into a camper on their property – were thrilled when their co-op delivered fiber internet via its subsidiary GoSEMO.


Before fiber service was installed in December 2020, the Bunger family knew exactly which spots in their house they could receive phone service in. When on calls, the caller had to stay in one of those spots for the duration of the call to avoid losing service. Their house was known as a 'black hole' by friends and work colleagues, who knew that trying to call, text or email anyone in the Bunger family when they were at home was futile, because the messages never made it to them. Once Kim's husband Rob left his office for the day, he was cut off from all communication with coworkers because of the lack of service at home.


At Kim’s request, GoSEMO installed a hotspot closer to the Bungers’ home, at a nearby church. The timing of the hotspot was truly a blessing, Kim recounted, because it allowed family and friends to attend a virtual memorial for Kim’s mother who had passed away. Service was enabled just a day before the service.


“I’ll never forget our son sitting his car participating in his class the morning of my mom’s burial, which none of us could attend due to COVID restrictions,” Kim said. “To see the dedication this kid had to his studies and what he would do to succeed in his classes was a lot to process. Knowing he could now drive just 10 minutes to get internet was a blessing on a very difficult day.”


A few months later, GoSEMO service brought fiber to the Bungers’ home. Now, the whole family uses its fiber internet to power their cell phones from the WiFi as well as for the many everyday tasks high-speed internet makes possible. Rob can work from home effectively and stay in contact with colleagues after hours as needed. Kim’s father is able to connect to his doctors via telemedicine visits from his camper on the property, saving him hours and miles of drive time. He is also thrilled to be able to stream his favorite TV shows and movies with his family without interruptions or buffering.


The entire family agrees that GoSEMO fiber internet has changed life most dramatically for Kim. “You know that saying about ‘happy wife, happy life’?” Rob joked. “It couldn’t be truer for our household. Kim is happy, so we’re all happy.”



“We’ve struggled with internet services at home since we moved here in 1998. We concluded that it was just the price we paid for our location,” Kim said. “After waiting since 2017, we have found good things truly do come to those who wait. We didn’t fully understand how GoSEMO Fiber would affect our lives. Thanks, SEMO Electric and GoSEMO Fiber, for making our lives better in so many ways.”

Conexon's Internet Grant Winner

7:11AM July 13, 2021

Renee Aufdenberg and her husband have both lived in the SEMO Electric Cooperative service area for their entire adolescent and adult lives, so they’ve seen many different internet services try – and fail – to provide the area with stable, reliable service. Dial-ups, satellites, line-of-sight towers, and mobile hotspots didn't make the cut for the Aufdenberg family to effectively run its dog breeding business, attend virtual cattle auctions, or connect with family members safely throughout the pandemic. Aufdenberg and her husband would drive through their fields just to find a signal strong enough to bid at virtual cattle auctions. If a storm came through, service would drop completely and if damage had been done, it would take at least a full week to regain internet service.


Between their two businesses and having grandchildren in and out of the house, GoSEMO Fiber internet was a must for their family. Since receiving service in May 2019, Aufdenberg often reflects that she doesn't know how she'd go back to life before high-speed broadband. During the pandemic, her high school grandson was able to come over and do his homework, and Aufdenberg who regularly watches her preschool-age grandchildren, has taken advantage of endless options for educational resources to teach and entertain.


“If it hadn't been for GoSEMO Fiber, none of this would have worked,” Aufdenberg said. “Our old service only worked if all conditions were right, which didn't happen often.”


A reliable internet connection has also allowed Aufdenberg and her husband expand their dog breeding business and maintain their family farm. Aufdenberg has a consistent waiting list of people wanting to adopt her dogs, and fiber internet has allowed her to buy dogs from overseas, collaborate with a Serbian dog trainer, and video chat with customers so they can choose their puppies. Fiber internet is also powering security cameras on their property, which allows her to watch their barn lot and dog pens without leaving the comfort of her home.


“It’s been a game changer all around for our family,” Aufdenberg said. “Now, someone in the household is always using the internet and able to do what they need immediately rather than waiting 15 minutes for just one webpage to load.”