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ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program)

The FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is now live! We believe a reliable connection is essential and are excited to be involved in this program. Please visit Affordable Connectivity Program for more information.

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BIG Turnout for GoSEMO's Bloomfield Open House

6:10PM October 25, 2018

Thank you to the community for the turnout at GoSEMO Fiber's Bloomfield Open House. SEMO Electric Cooperative's fiber project is a community project - we are making people's lives better! 

Bloomfield Open House - Tuesday, Oct. 23

6:36PM October 22, 2018

Grand Opening Day for our Bloomfield Substation area is October 23, 2018 from 5:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Visit us at the Buck Building, 202 Prairie Street (north of old courthouse) in Bloomfield, Mo., to learn more about fiber-fast internet, view our television programming and learn more about crystal-clear phone service.


GoSEMO Fiber's Bloomfield Office Opens - FREE Wi-Fi

10:11PM October 17, 2018

SEMO Electric Cooperative's GoSEMO Fiber office opens in Bloomfield. The office will regularly be open on Tuesdays, but for the next several weeks the office in downtown Bloomfield will be open Tuesday-Thursday. Plus, there is now free 24/7 community Wi-Fi in downtown Bloomfield. Give it a try! 

Sun Outages

10:54AM October 11, 2018

Sun Outage occurs twice a year, around October and March.  You may notice the effects of the solar outage — blocks or momentary freezing on your TV. You might even lose certain channels for a little while and experience some degree of tiling, pixelation, poor audio, or other reception issues. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent the mighty sun from interfering with your live TV viewing. The outages should last no longer than 20 minutes per day. Your internet and/or phone service will not be affected. If you only experience interruptions in your television service during this month and the issues subside after a brief time, there is nothing you need to do.  The time of the outage varies by which satellite a channel is using, but they are generally in the afternoon. If you notice a channel is out longer than about 20 minutes, please contact technical support at 877-430-5418.

We are changing people’s lives because they are able to compete with the world – regardless of what business or hobby.

9:26AM October 10, 2018

Team SEMO’s Brad Milam shows Castor River Farms’ Johnny Hunter II (left) and John Neeley (right) several strands of fiber inside SEMO Electric Cooperative’s fiber network operations center. A strand of fiber is thin and feels much like a human hair or horse’s mane.

A broadband system, versus wireless or coaxial-cable systems, is being built to provide fiber-fast internet for homes, farms and businesses.

Milam said fiber's speed is not connected to its size because fiber relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data, which facilitates much faster Internet connections that are capable of handling higher bandwidth.

“We are changing people’s lives because they are able to compete with the world – regardless of what business or hobby.”

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Coming Soon: Bloomfield's GoSEMO Fiber office

5:35PM October 05, 2018

Shh... the date is still a secret. 

#500 - Jump on the GoSEMO Fiber Train!

6:05PM September 17, 2018

The GoSEMO Fiber train is quickly rolling along as we make people's lives better with fiber-fast internet. 500 subscribers in less than one year. 

Disruption to Television Services to Improve Reliability

6:12PM September 04, 2018

We experienced a disruption to television services over the holiday weekend. The issue stems from a failing piece of equipment (a core router) that is slated for replacement by our TV provider.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are forced to choose between two bad options. In this instance, it was whether to interrupt service during prime viewing hours (and Cardinals’ games) or see if it would hold through the long weekend. We barely made it.

To enhance service, the replacement is scheduled for midnight tonight. GoSEMO TV subscribers will be without service on all channels during the migration. The process of migrating everything to the new router is slated to take from midnight to 6 am. While we don’t plan for it to, if it runs longer, we will continue until the new system is in place.

We know there is no good time for a service interruption, but this change will provide a more robust infrastructure and improve the reliability of TV service.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make our new services even better.

Thanks - Sean

Damaged Fiber from a Shotgun Blast

6:05PM September 04, 2018

Our fiber team worked over the weekend to make repairs to damaged fiber from a shotgun blast east of Advance. The cost will likely be more than $10,000 when completed. Fiber service were interrupted for some of the  GoSEMO Fiber subscribers in the Painton, Perkins and Oran area. Please do not shoot birds off of the fiber lines.

GoSEMO Fiber Participates in the Advance Labor Day Parade

9:27AM September 04, 2018

We are proud to support the community of Advance. The parade was a fun event for Team SEMO and GoSEMO Fiber.

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GoSEMO Fiber Participates in the Benton Neighbor Day Parade

8:53AM September 04, 2018

We are proud to support the communities we serve. Making lives better! 

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Showtime, PAC 12 Free Preview

6:44PM August 27, 2018

Hello GoSEMO Fiber subscribers. Make sure you tune in for the Showtime (channel 450) free preview between Friday, August 31 and Monday, September 3, 2018. Plus, catch 13 live football games via the free preview opportunity for PAC 12 (channel 319) from August 28 through September 17, 2018.


Sikeston Open House

3:01PM August 17, 2018

Be our guest. SEMO Electric Cooperative’s fiber is making people’s lives better. We are working hard to bring fiber to all our members. Come learn from 4 pm to 7 pm on Monday, August 20 at Sikeston (1/2 mile south of Walmart). Share the news.

Don't forget about GoSEMO Fiber TV's streaming option through Watch TVEverywhere.

2:27PM August 12, 2018

Don't forget about GoSEMO Fiber TV's streaming option through Watch TVEverywhere.  This service allows you to stream some of your favorite channels and subscribed programing to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.  If you have an internet connection, you can stream with Watch TVEverywhere.  It's a FREE service available to our Video subscribers.  Contact our Subscriber Care Team for details at 877.430.5418.

GoSEMO Fiber Open House at the Advance Office

10:29PM August 08, 2018

We will be at the Advance office from 3 pm to 7pm Thursday (August 9) answering questions, registering and signing up subscribers to our Fiber-fast internet, HD TV and crystal clear phones service. Bring your phone and/or laptop and experience the fiber-fast internet for yourself or play a game on the PlayStation. You can view our HD TV plans on one of our televisions. We will have popcorn and water waiting on you.

Truly Fiber-Fast Internet

7:04AM July 31, 2018

Teresa Bailey - notjustamarinewife.com - shared her experience with our GoSEMO Fiber's fiber-fast internet.  Her family recently moved from St. Louis to southeast Missouri.

Making People's Lives Better - Internet, HDTV, Phone Ready

5:30PM July 25, 2018

With the goal of making people’s lives better, SEMO Electric Cooperative launched GoSEMO Fiber to provide fiber internet, HDTV and phone services to its members.  And installations are taking place for members served by the Advance and Miner substations. 

“We have built a fiber network from the ground up to make people’s lives better,” says Team SEMO’s Sean Vanslyke. “With the speed and reliability of fiber, our member-consumers may compete with the world in business and agriculture or simply stream a movie without buffering.

“It is important that our member-consumers realize that GoSEMO Fiber is not Charter. GoSEMO Fiber is not SEMO Communications. GoSEMO Fiber is not Spectrum. GoSEMO is owned by SEMO Electric,” says Vanslyke. “We are local. We will be there after the installation takes place.”

Team SEMO has invested thousands of extra hours building the fiber network, while keeping the lights on, during the past few months.

“We have worked hard to be prudent because the project is $40 million,” Vanslyke said. “Team SEMO is dedicated to providing electricity and fiber to member-consumers. I am proud of the work that has been done. However, with 2,600 miles of line we have a lot of work to do. We appreciate the support we are receiving from our members.”

Big step for project complete at Anniston Substation

12:14PM June 28, 2018

Big day for SEMO Electric Cooperative’s GoSEMOFiber.com project as antennas were installed at the Anniston Substation. Testing will now take place over the next few days. These are just two more steps in our journey to bring fiber-fast Internet and HDTV to you and southeast Missouri.

Cousin Carl Radio Show

9:58AM June 12, 2018

Team SEMO’s Loyd Rice, Becky Ivester, and intern Katie Christian had the privilege of discussing the GoSEMO Fiber project with local radio star Cousin Carl on 106.1 Pure Country. Through their visit with Cousin Carl, they educated listeners on the benefits of fiber optic internet for rural southeast Missouri and the phases of the GoSEMO Fiber project. 

“Fiber optic internet is crucial to southeast Missouri,” says Team SEMO’s Becky Ivester. “Especially for those who want to work from home, take online courses, stream online television, etc. As a cooperative, we make the people of southeast Missouri our priority. That includes giving them the internet service necessary for day-to-day life, and we are so glad we got to discuss that on Cousin Carl’s radio show.”

The group shared with Cousin Carl that construction in Miner is complete, construction in Advance is almost completed, and construction in Bloomfield is underway. Cousin Carl says he hopes his house in Morely will be included in the phases of the fiber-optic project because fiber-fast internet is an incredible opportunity for southeast Missouri. To find if your home is eligible for fiber-fast internet through GoSEMO Fiber, visit gosemofiber.com. Thank you, Cousin Carl, for inviting Team SEMO to your show and for supporting the GoSEMO Fiber project.


Meet Our Installers

9:47AM June 12, 2018

GoSEMO Fiber has teamed up with Highland Cabling to provide professional installation of our fiber-fast internet to your home. Our installers, Chris, Clint, Bart and Brett, are the ones who will come to your home for flagging, planning, and the installation of your fiber-fast internet. The team has years of experience with installation and are excited to meet and work with our GoSEMO Fiber family. We appreciate Highland Cabling’s contributions to bring fiber-fast internet to southeast Missouri.

Advance Open House

11:38PM May 31, 2018

Join us at our GoSEMO Fiber Open House tomorrow at the old City Hall, 308 W Gabriel Street, Advance, Mo. We are improving people’s lives with fiber-fast Internet by SEMO Electric Cooperative.

Fiber Top Topic at Annual Meeting

3:52PM May 17, 2018

With over 600 people in attendance, fiber-to-the-home was the top topic as SEMO Electric Cooperative held its annual meeting on May 14 at the Miner Convention Center. Member-consumers flooded the fiber breakout room to ask about timelines and service packages. 

"The members are really excited about fiber," said Team SEMO's Sean Vanslyke. "They want to experience what urban areas seem to have - fiber-fast internet."

Phase One Update

1:11PM April 21, 2018

  • Home installations are occurring in the Miner area.  
  • Splicing trailers are in Advance. 
  • Make ready crews are working in Bloomfield.  

Help zones reach their goals by continuing to share the project in your community.

  • Tell your neighbors, family and friends to visit gosemofiber.com to preregister or place an order in our Miner and Advance areas.  
  • Log into your account at gosemofiber.com to send emails to your contacts or to share us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the most current progress and events.  Share our posts to your wall.

100th Fiber-Fast Internet Home Install

8:12AM April 13, 2018

Congratulations to the Simmons family on being our 100th fiber-fast install today!  Thank you for allowing us to serve your internet needs. Enjoy your fiber-fast internet!

"When can I get fiber-fast Internet at my home?"

12:58PM April 09, 2018

What is the most asked questioned at GoSEMO Fiber?  "When can I get fiber-fast Internet at my home?"  We completely understand the question. 

Because rural southeast Missouri has gone so long without fiber optic services, you are eager to experience our fiber-fast internet.  We appreciate everyone waiting patiently as we build a fiber communication network from scratch. 

We are pushing hard by simultaneously managing numerous new process and construction issues. Our challenges include weather, locates, road crossings permits, shipping delays, etc.  It takes time and effort, but we have come a long way in 12 months as members in Miner are now enjoying fiber-fast internet!

Here is a simple outline of the process to provide you with fiber-fast internet:

  1. Design and engineer the fiber network route
  2. Complete make-ready work to prepare existing power poles for fiber construction
  3. Pull fiber overhead and underground from the substation to selected areas
  4. Splice and test the fiber network
  5. You sign up to receive fiber internet (online or in our Sikeston, Mo office)
  6. Initial planning visit at your home, farm or and business (This visit can take up to 30 minutes. They will place a flag where the network interface device should be placed based on your needs.)
  7. Locates
  8. Install fiber service to the outside of your home, farm or and business (A crew will run the drop line from the main line to your home either underground or aerial, normally the same way the electric has been run to the home.  This crew will also install the network interface device (NID) box on the side of your home.)
  9. Install fiber service inside your home, farm or and business for fiber internet (We will schedule a convenient time for a technician to come to your home to connect you to the network.  This installation can take 1-3 hours depending on the number of services connected.  Our technicians are highly trained and will guide you through your fiber install.)  
  10. You enjoy the GoSEMO Fiber experience ( Sit back and enjoy your new fiber-fast speed.)
  11. You encourage neighbors and others to sign up

Your experience with our service depends on several factors.  Older computers, routers and other equipment are not always equipped to handle the higher speeds that GoSEMO Fiber offers.  You may need to consider some upgrades to maximize your fiber experience.  The service plan you order is the actual speed received in port one of your optical network terminal (ONT) that is installed in your home.

If you have any questions, please email us at gosemofiber.com or call us at 877.430.5418. Thank you