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"When can I get fiber-fast Internet at my home?"

12:58PM April 09, 2018

What is the most asked questioned at GoSEMO Fiber?  "When can I get fiber-fast Internet at my home?"  We completely understand the question. 

Because rural southeast Missouri has gone so long without fiber optic services, you are eager to experience our fiber-fast internet.  We appreciate everyone waiting patiently as we build a fiber communication network from scratch. 

We are pushing hard by simultaneously managing numerous new process and construction issues. Our challenges include weather, locates, road crossings permits, shipping delays, etc.  It takes time and effort, but we have come a long way in 12 months as members in Miner are now enjoying fiber-fast internet!

Here is a simple outline of the process to provide you with fiber-fast internet:

  1. Design and engineer the fiber network route
  2. Complete make-ready work to prepare existing power poles for fiber construction
  3. Pull fiber overhead and underground from the substation to selected areas
  4. Splice and test the fiber network
  5. You sign up to receive fiber internet (online or in our Sikeston, Mo office)
  6. Initial planning visit at your home, farm or and business (This visit can take up to 30 minutes. They will place a flag where the network interface device should be placed based on your needs.)
  7. Locates
  8. Install fiber service to the outside of your home, farm or and business (A crew will run the drop line from the main line to your home either underground or aerial, normally the same way the electric has been run to the home.  This crew will also install the network interface device (NID) box on the side of your home.)
  9. Install fiber service inside your home, farm or and business for fiber internet (We will schedule a convenient time for a technician to come to your home to connect you to the network.  This installation can take 1-3 hours depending on the number of services connected.  Our technicians are highly trained and will guide you through your fiber install.)  
  10. You enjoy the GoSEMO Fiber experience ( Sit back and enjoy your new fiber-fast speed.)
  11. You encourage neighbors and others to sign up

Your experience with our service depends on several factors.  Older computers, routers and other equipment are not always equipped to handle the higher speeds that GoSEMO Fiber offers.  You may need to consider some upgrades to maximize your fiber experience.  The service plan you order is the actual speed received in port one of your optical network terminal (ONT) that is installed in your home.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 877.430.5418. Thank you

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