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Subscriber 7,000! Who be subscriber 8,000?

7:47AM September 21, 2021

Subscriber 7,000!  Who be subscriber 8,000?

> In March 2017, SEMO Electric Cooperative said “let’s do it!” Let’s make people’s lives better with GoSEMO Fiber.
> Why? Because no one else was going to bring fiber broadband to rural southeast Missouri. We understand the need for internet speed and reliability so you can work, learn, shop, play and receive telemedicine from your home, farm or business.
During the past 54 months, we have built a 2,000-mile fiber network for you - our member-owners. GoSEMO is making a difference for you, our communities and the entire area as it’s enabling personal and economic growth.
> We have invested $52 million into the local economy in building and supporting the fiber network. We strive for service excellence in subscriber support. We are focused on serving you. No bull. No special deals. No fine print. No contracts. No data caps. Just fiber-fast internet!
GoSEMO Fiber is connecting its 7,000th subscriber today. Jump on the fiber bandwagon. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Fiber is the future. Make the switch today. Shop at or call 877-430-5418.

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