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GoSEMO Fiber is your LOCAL broadband service provider with Local service.

Get fiber-fast internet brought directly to your home, small or large business, farm, church or school. It's fast, reliable and affordable. 💻🏠 

📞 We offer residential and business phone plans. HDTV with our own local channel 95.  📺

Make the switch today! 

Free installation, with No activation fees, No contracts, No data caps and No throttling. 

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For businesses, please contact a GoSEMO Fiber Business Specialist.

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Ready for a Disaster?

11:05AM September 09, 2020

How prepared is your family if disaster shows up at your doorstep? Go to to make an emergency plan with your family today. So if a disaster comes knocking, you'll be ready to keep your family safe.

¿Qué tan preparado está tu familia si el desastre toca en tu puerta? Vaya a para hacer un plan de emergencia con su familia hoy. Así que si un desastre toca tu puerta, estarás listo para mantener a tu familia a salvo.

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