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NOC in The Hut gets power, fiber and equipment

5:36PM November 27, 2017

There are many, many steps in the process to bring Gigabit Fiber Internet service to SEMO Electric Cooperativeโ€™s member-owners. Like a kid on Christmas, we get excited about the little things. For example, fiber optic cable, electrical wiring and equipment racks were installed at SEMO Electric's network operations center (NOC) inside The Hut today at Sikeston.

This is a big step in connecting to the national fiber network and in building SEMO Electricโ€™s fiber ring, which will connect SEMO Electric's substations into a high-speed fiber backbone. Think of the substation ring as a redundant, ring-shaped backbone network, through which we can route broadband traffic. The ring is essential for reliability for the fiber-to-the-home project.  There is still a lot of work to finish, but we are moving forward.

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