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Making People's Lives Better - Internet, HDTV, Phone Ready

5:30PM July 25, 2018

With the goal of making people’s lives better, SEMO Electric Cooperative launched GoSEMO Fiber to provide fiber internet, HDTV and phone services to its members.  And installations are taking place for members served by the Advance and Miner substations. 

“We have built a fiber network from the ground up to make people’s lives better,” says Team SEMO’s Sean Vanslyke. “With the speed and reliability of fiber, our member-consumers may compete with the world in business and agriculture or simply stream a movie without buffering.

“It is important that our member-consumers realize that GoSEMO Fiber is not Charter. GoSEMO Fiber is not SEMO Communications. GoSEMO Fiber is not Spectrum. GoSEMO is owned by SEMO Electric,” says Vanslyke. “We are local. We will be there after the installation takes place.”

Team SEMO has invested thousands of extra hours building the fiber network, while keeping the lights on, during the past few months.

“We have worked hard to be prudent because the project is $40 million,” Vanslyke said. “Team SEMO is dedicated to providing electricity and fiber to member-consumers. I am proud of the work that has been done. However, with 2,600 miles of line we have a lot of work to do. We appreciate the support we are receiving from our members.”

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