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GoSEMO FIber Pushes Forward

5:54PM February 02, 2021

Despite COVID-19 pandemic, GoSEMO Fiber's construction process for all members of SEMO Electric Cooperative should finish in the spring of 2021. The cooperative’s 2,000-mile, 100% fiber network project is nearly one year ahead of schedule. The project was approved in March 2017. The fiber build-out was expected to take 60 months, but will be completed in 48 to 50 months. SEMO Electric is currently working on GoSEMO Fiber in areas where members are served by substations in Anniston, Delta, Frisco, Wolf Island and Wyatt. For members who don’t want to be left behind, stop and see us during community visits, sign up and/or shop now at or call 877-430-5418, option three.

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