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Disruption to Television Services to Improve Reliability

6:12PM September 04, 2018

We experienced a disruption to television services over the holiday weekend. The issue stems from a failing piece of equipment (a core router) that is slated for replacement by our TV provider.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are forced to choose between two bad options. In this instance, it was whether to interrupt service during prime viewing hours (and Cardinals’ games) or see if it would hold through the long weekend. We barely made it.

To enhance service, the replacement is scheduled for midnight tonight. GoSEMO TV subscribers will be without service on all channels during the migration. The process of migrating everything to the new router is slated to take from midnight to 6 am. While we don’t plan for it to, if it runs longer, we will continue until the new system is in place.

We know there is no good time for a service interruption, but this change will provide a more robust infrastructure and improve the reliability of TV service.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make our new services even better.

Thanks - Sean

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