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Delta Fiber Hut in Testing Stage

11:47AM August 21, 2020

In one of the many steps to build the GoSEMO Fiber network, Team SEMO โ€œturned-upโ€ the Delta Fiber Hut for testing. Fiber Internet works by sending laser light signals over ultra-thin glass fibers to transfer data. With the main fiber hut in Sikeston, fiber huts serve as transfer stations to relay light signals to each of the individual homes, farms and businesses on our network. This offers faster data transfer and less latency than cable or DSL lines that require electric signals to transfer data. SEMO Electric Cooperative will have 18 fiber huts once the network (or fiber ring) is completely built. Including the concrete, building, HVAC and electronic components, each remote fiber hut costs about $110,000.  

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