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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber? 

Fiber, short for fiber-optic lines, is actually tiny strands of glass that carry data (aka the internet) using light waves. In contrast, traditional DSL or cable connections are traditionally copper wires that transmit data using electricity. It is faster and more reliable to transmit the internet on fiber-optic lines.

Why is fiber better? 

Fiber is known for being “future-proof,” meaning the fiber we install today will be able to handle increased data loads as the need for more speed continues to grow. Fiber technology makes it possible to deliver internet speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps, megabits per second)—this is 100x faster than what the average home or business in our area currently receives. Fiber is more reliable than other types of network and less prone to interference and complications from lightning and other natural elements. Fiber internet also tends to raise the property value of homes by as much as $5,000.

Internet FAQs

What type of router do I need? 

GoSEMO Fiber will provide you with an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which powers the internet, TV, and phone services. If you would like to use our Wi-Fi Assistant (router) it goes inside the ONT and is an additional $5 per month. You can also use or purchase your own router as long as it is compatible with fiber. For GoSEMO Fiber HDTV, we will provide you TV set top boxes for each TV you wish to connect. The first set top box is hard wired to the ONT. If you wish to add more TVs, these will be wireless and you will need to purchase our Wi-Fi Assistant so we can ensure the equipment is running properly.

What is a Wi-Fi Assistant (Wi-Fi Router)?

The WiFi Assistant will allow and support wireless internet connection throughout your home. During installation, our technicians will set up and show you how to use your new wireless network. Wired connections to the ONT will provide the fastest speeds, but the Wi-Fi Assistant will also create a powerful wireless network in your home or business to ensure all devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs can connect wirelessly.

Do I own the Wi-Fi Assistant?

No. GoSEMO retains ownership so that we can support the device and any troubles you may experience. We do charge a monthly fee. GoSEMO will replace the Wi- Fi Assistant free of charge if the device malfunctions due to manufacturer issues. If you choose to stop purchasing service from us, you are required to return your router to avoid an unreturned equipment fee.

How do I reboot my ONT?

If your ONT is plugged directly into the wall, simply unplug your ONT and plug it back in. The full reboot cycle can take up to 5 minutes.

How fast is the Internet service? 

The minimum residential service is 100 megabits per second, which can meet the needs for those subscribers who just want to check email and do a little internet surfing or even for those subscribers who want to stream movies (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), share pictures, take online classes, etc.. The maximum residential service is 1gbps which is fast enough to do most anything you would like on the internet in no-time!

Do you have a cap on your Internet service? 

Currently, we do not have any sort of data cap on our internet service. GoSEMO service is unlimited with no throttling. 

I need help with my service or want to upgrade services. 

Please call (877) 430-5418 or email 


I lost my TV Subscriber Handbook.

Click here for your e-copy.  

How do I program my remote? 

For detailed instructions,  you can visit You will need to enter the remote model number that is also printed on the bottom of the remote and then you can select the Setup option. Then select the type of device you would like to setup and follow the instructions on the screen. 

What are the channel lineups? 

Our channel lineups can be found here. If you have any additional questions about our lineup, you can contact our offices via phone at (877) 430-5418, option 3, or by email at New channel not listed - NewsmaxTV has been added to our Advanced HDTV Plan - Channel 258. 

I am interested in a channel you don't offer. 

We continue to evaluate the demand for new channels and will be open to providing additional channels based on interest from our subscribers. If you are interested in a specific channel, we encourage you to email your suggestion to

How many shows can I record at one time? 

The size and recording capacity of our Whole-Home HD-DVR set top box varies depending on the type of box and wiring of the location it is installed at. The HD-DVR that we are currently installing allows simultaneous recording of up to 4 HD shows while still watching live TV and is equipped with a 1TB hard drive. This will hold up to 300 hours of recordings.

Watch TV Everywhere

With GoSEMO Fiber's watchTVeverywhere and Co-Mo Connect, you can watch online content from networks that are part of your pay-TV subscription. You will need wTVE code, email address and password.  Please call us at 877-430-5418  if you need your wTVE code. Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

I need help with my service or want to upgrade services.

Please call (877) 430-5418 or email 

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