GoSEMO Fiber's high-speed, 100% fiber Internet, TV and phone makes your life better. You get free installation, with no activation fees, no contracts, no data caps and no throttling. Plus, local service. 877-430-5418. For updates regarding our response to Coronavirus, please visit gosemo.com/coronavirus. Thank you.

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Welcome to Gig Country!  Don't get left behind!
High-speed, fiber-fast Internet, TV & Phone.    

GoSEMO Fiber has connected more than 5,000 subscribers in less than three years. Who will be number 6,000? 

Internet, HDTV and phone packages are available for members served by the following substations: in Advance, Ardeola, Bloomfield, Delta, Dogwood, Idalia, Kelly, Lilbourn, Matthews, Miner, Tilsit and Vanduser. We are building fiber for members served by the Anniston, Frisco, Kelso, Wolf Island and Wyatt substations. 

Our fiber broadband project includes FREE professional installation and in-home training. Call 877-430-5418 to get on the install list.

GoSEMO Fiber is powered by SEMO Electric Cooperative, the people you already know and trust. We are determined to improve internet access and, as a result, your quality of life. If we don't do it, who will? That's why we appreciate your patience as we build out. The project was approved on March 22, 2017. The first member-subscriber was connected February 16, 2018. It is a big job to build 2,000 miles of fiber. Plus, $52 million. 

SEMO Electric Cooperative is member-owned and a locally controlled rural electric cooperative. We are proud to energize and serve thousands of homes, farms and businesses in Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, New Madrid, Scott and Stoddard counties. As your not-for-profit electric co-op, we put you – our members – first.